Math 101 Exam 1 Solutions

10 pts 7 find slopes of the following lines if slope

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Unformatted text preview: e say “undefined”) a) x = -9 (3 pts each) b) passing through the points (3,-1) and (2,0) c) passing through the points (45, 12) and (-7, 12) 8. A company that manufactures roller skates has fixed cost of $2,000. It costs $12,800 to produce 360 units. Find a linear cost function C(x). (6 pts) Page 4 of 4 6. A store that installs satellite TV receivers finds that if it installs x receivers per week then its costs will be C ( x) 100 x 3200 and its revenue will be R ( x) 2 x 2 300 x (both in dollars). Find the store’s break-even points. (10 pts) 7. Find slopes of the following line...
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