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B since a is diagonalizable then st is

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Unformatted text preview: This problem is the same as the problem two. Step 1. Using ( ) in Matlab/Octave find the set of eigenvalues. ) Step 2. For each eigenvalue set up the equation ( Where for by matrix , is an by vector. Step 3. Set up the corresponding augmented matrix and use in Matlab/Octave to find the reduced row echelon form of the matrix. Step 4. Using the same approach as used in example 4 and explained in the discussion session find the base vectors for each eigenspace (here you should be able to find independent bases as eigenvector for eigenvalues, ). Step 5. Set up the matrix from eigenvectors and matrix from eigenvalues: [ and [ (a) Applying previous steps we get: [ and [ (b) and [ [...
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