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1 COUNTRY PROJECT The purpose of the country project is to familiarize you and your fellow students with different countries as business environments. In the course of this project, you will select a country for further analysis, focusing on its economic, geographic, socio-cultural, legal and political characteristics. The results of this project are targeted to people planning to do business in this country. To enhance learning within the class, each group will present the results of the project to their fellow students. It is important that you emphasize the most relevant aspects relative to the country of your choice. Below you will find some questions you may want to address in this project. You are NOT supposed to address all questions listed below, only the most interesting and relevant ones . In fact, if you try to cover all of them, your presentation is likely to be boring . Please, remember that you are allowed, and encouraged, to explore other aspects as well. 1. ECONOMIC-GEOGRAPHIC ENVIRONMENT GEOGRAPHIC INFLUENCES: Identify geographic (climate, terrain, waterways) factors that influence business activities in the country. (In some countries, for example, mountains make movement of raw materials and production supplies difficult and expensive.) MAJOR PRODUCTS AND INDUSTRIES. Describe the country’s (a) main natural resources and agricultural products, (b) major industries, (c) major imports, and (d) major exports. (A country’s natural resources and agricultural products are the basis for foreign investment.) CURRENT ECONOMIC CONDITIONS. Discuss the country’s recent economic conditions related to GDP, inflation, interest rates, currency value, personal income, and employment. Suggest how
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Third_assignment_Country_Project - 1 COUNTRY PROJECT The...

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