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N o o purpose of the problem to explore more extensive

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Unformatted text preview: e ester oxygemn lone pair. This is of course there in all the other compounds too. O O OEt OEt N N Me Me PROBLEM 2 How extensive is the conjugated system(s) in these compounds? N O O Purpose of the problem To explore more extensive conjugated systems. Suggested solution Both compounds are completely conjugated: even including the nitrogen atom in the first and the carbonyl group in the second. You can draw the arrows going either way round the ring to give different ways of writing the same structure. The arrows on the second should end on the carbonyl oxygen. 3 Solutions for Chapter 7 – Delocalization and Conjugation N N N O O O O O N O O O PROBLEM 3 Draw diagrams to illustrate the conjugation present in these molecules. You should draw three types of diagrams: (a) conjugation expressed...
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