Suggested solution if sodium borohydride doesnt

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Unformatted text preview: isguise (marked with a grey ring). Just break the bond between this carbon and the other oxygen atom and you will see what the hemiacetal was made from. The first example shows how it is done. break this bond O OH OH O O = H HO The next is similar but the alcohol is a different molecule. OH O O HO + Do not be deceived by the third example. There is one hemiacetal (two oxygens joined to the same carbon atom) but the other OH is just a tertiary alcohol. HO O MeO MeOH + Me OH not a hemiacetal Me OH Solutions for Chapter 6 – Nucleophilic Addition to the Carbonyl Group The last two examples are not quite the same. The first is indeed symmetrical but the second has one oxygen atom in a different position so that there is only one hemiacetal. Note that these hemiacetals may not be stable. OH...
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