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Note the atom specific arrows to show which atom is

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Unformatted text preview: mediate as an anion or with an O- metal bond as you please. Note the atom- specific arrows to show which atom is the nucleophile. In the third reaction the allyl- Li might attack through either end. 2 Solutions Manual to accompany Organic Chemistry 2e Li O O OH H+, H2O MgBr O BrMgO Ph Ph Ph HO H+, H2O Li O Ph LiO H H Ph Ph O O MgCl H H HO H+, H2O H H+, H2O R HO H R PROBLEM 2 What products would be formed in these reactions? 1. EtMgBr Ph H 2. Ph2CO 3. H+, H2O 1. Mg, THF A Br Br Cl 1. BuLi 2...
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