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Which compounds were used to make these acetals meo o

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Unformatted text preview: Organic Chemistry 2e PROBLEM 2 Each of these compounds is an acetal, that is a molecule made from an aldehyde or ketone and two alcohol groups. Which compounds were used to make these acetals? MeO O OMe O O O O O Purpose of the problem Practice at the recognition of acetals and working out how to make them. Suggested solution All we have to do is to identify the hidden carbonyl group by finding the only carbon atom having two C–O bonds. This atom is marked with a grey circle. If you imagine breaking the two C–O bonds you will discover the carbonyl group and the alcohols. MeO MeOH OMe O HOMe O O O O O OH OH O HO OH O O OH O OH Solutions for Chapter 11 – Nucleophilic Substitution at C=O with Loss of Oxygen PROBLEM 3 Suggest mechanisms for these two reactions of the smallest...
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