Suggested solution the fact that equilibration of the

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Unformatted text preview: es) O O NMe2 NMe2 H2SO4 OH 50:50 mixture of geometrical isomers (E- and Z-) Purpose of the problem Thinking about the stereochemical consequences of E1. Suggested solution ■ The fact that equilibration of the products of E1 elimination to give the most stable possible alkene is discussed in the textbook on p. 394. The tertiary alcohol leaving group, the acid catalyst, and the 50:50 mixture all suggest E1 rather than E2. There is only one proton that can be lost and, as there is very little difference between the isomeric alkenes, equilibration probably gives the 50:50 mixture. OR H2SO4 H OR OR H H OH alkenes OH2 3 Solutions for...
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