The starting materials are enantiomerically pure are

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Unformatted text preview: the same product. Repetition gives the diene. OH OH OH H OH H OH OH2 diene ■ The fact that equilibration of the products of E1 elimination to give the most stable possible alkene is discussed in the textbook on p. 394. 4 Solutions Manual to accompany Organic Chemistry 2e PROBLEM 4 Explain the position of the alkene in the products of these reactions. The starting materials are enantiomerically pure. Are the products also enantiomerically pure? O O Cat. TsOH toluene O O OH OH CO2H MeO CO2H CO2H H H2O O CO2H Purpose of the problem Examples of E1cB in the context of absolute stereochemistry. Suggested solution ■ E1cB reactions are on...
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