Give cis 537 of the textbook by elimination suggested

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Unformatted text preview: ok). The product has two chiral centres unaffected by the reaction and is still chiral so it is also enantiomerically pure. 5 Solutions for Chapter 17 – Elimination Reactions OH2 starting alcohol CO2H H CO2H H2O CO2H –H HO MeO CO2H MeO CO2H H CO2H CO2H H2O O MeO CO2H hemiacetal PROBLEM 5 Explain the stereochemistry of the alkenes in the products of these reactions. OH O OMe H2,Pd/CaCO3 OMe Ph H H pyridine HO Ph Ph Purpose of the problem ■ The hydrogenation of alkynes to Display your skill in a deceptive example of control of alkene geometry alkenes is described on p. give cis 537 of the textbook. by elimination. Suggested solution The first reaction is stereospecific cis addition of hydrogen to an alkyne t...
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