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Unformatted text preview: amide carbonyl must be reduced with Solutions for Chapter 23 – Chemoselectivity and Protecting Groups LiAlH4 (p. 236 in the textbook) and the ketone deprotected. There are many good alternative answers to this problem. NO2 HO O NO2 CO2H H2, Pd O HOAc OH H CO2H H N O NH2 CO2H O O LiAlH4 O H N H N H , H 2O O O O O O O PROBLEM 6 Why is this particular amine formed by reductive amination here?. OMe OMe N H MeO Na(CN)BH3 pH 5.5 N OHC OMe Purpose of the problem Extending the concept of reductive amination by combining it with deprotection and cyclisation. Suggested solution The two ac...
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