BMKT 312 F13 C4 Review

Internal validity is addressed in the following ways

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Unformatted text preview: ve subjects rate the strength of a nonstimulus. Internal validity is addressed in the following ways. • Extraneous factors – eliminated if the panel design is random and if the three groups take place in the same circumstances and time frame • Changes in subjects – obviated by the neutral stimulus in the panel and the short time frame in the three-group design • Measure error – use the same measure • Subjects guessing – could happen but will be random and cancel out • Equivalent groups – use random selection or matching criteria • Drop-out – should be monitored External validity is an issue as the taste test is conducted in an artificial setting (perhaps at a shopping mall or some other facility), and the subjects are told that they are to rate the taste which means that they will be especially vigilant to the taste. Also, the long-term taste aspects of the coffees are not tested, so BMKT 312 C4 Study Guide 4 if Max-Caff “stays with” the taster, this factor is not captured by the design. Of course, the sample should be representative of coffee drinkers. 13. Coca-Cola markets PowerAde as a sports drink that competes with Gatorade. Competition for sports drinks is fierce where they are sold in the coolers of convenience stores. Coca-Cola is thinking about using a special holder that fits in a standard cooler but moves PowerAde to eye level and makes it more conspicuous than Gatorade. Design an experiment that determines whether or not the special holder increases the sales of PowerAde in convenience stores. Identify and diagram your experiment. Indicate how the experiment is to be conducted, and assess the internal and external validity of your experiment Application question. This question describes an experimental design that students must recognize and analyze. There is one treatment (the cooler holder for PowerAde) and one control situation (the current stocking of PowerAde without the cooler holder). A before-after with control group or an after-only with control group design would be satisfactory. The after-only with control group design looks like the following: X1 O1 O2 The groups are randomly assigned convenience stores such as Circle Ks or 711s, and the Os are store sales, and the effect of the PowerAde cooler holder is O1:O2, and if the cooler holder average PowerAde sales are greater than the control group average PowerAde sales, the experiment has shown that the cooler holder has caused the greater sales Inte...
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