BMKT 312 F13 Project Instructions

Follow the questionnaire design rules and procedures

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Unformatted text preview: the questionnaire design rules and procedures covered in class and in the textbook to decide on whether a question makes it into the questionnaire and how it will be worded. Your questionnaire must be consistent with the information needs and dummy tables/charts approved in Part I. Your questionnaire must be web-based and on Qualtrics. Your questionnaire will be evaluated on the basis of: (a) relevance to information needs and dummy tables/charts -- whether the questions address the information needs and dummy tables/charts (b) comprehensive coverage -- whether all the information needs and dummy tables/charts are represented in the questionnaire (c) design -- whether the questions follow the rules of questionnaire design (see textbook and refer class discussion of the topic). Come prepared to work on your questionnaire in class on October 16. Your URL is due by October 18. Upload URL to Blackboard (Assignments). You will receive feedback by October 19. Each member of your team will also receive a unique four-digit code along with the feedback. More information on the code below. Once approved, pretest your questionnaire, make relevant changes, and gather data. No major changes are allowed past this point. Each member of your team is required to gather data from at least 20 respondents. BMKT 312 Fall 2013! 2/5 ! The first question on your questionnaire must ask respondents to enter the code of the member who invited the respondent to participate in the study. Therefore, you must share your code with respondents you invite. This is the only way to ensure individual members receive credit for fieldwork. Complete data gathering by October 29. Class time on October 30 is reserved for reviewing your fieldwork. You must bring your complete data file to class on this day....
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