BMKT 312 F13 Project Instructions

For example they may already know what is selling and

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Unformatted text preview: ave access to. For example, they may already know what is selling and how much is being sold. ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ! Now, list below the specific things you will need to measure in our research in order to identify the information in the list above. See the example on the last page if unsure how to complete this list. ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ________________________________! ! ________________________________ ________________________________! ! ________________________________ Next, identify the tables/charts you think will go into your final report when the report is written consistent with the client’s needs identified above. Your information needs, measurement list, and dummy tables are due by end of day on October 11. Upload to Blackboard (Assignments). Early feedback option: You may submit your drafts for feedback and revision before they are graded. Please budget 72 hours for such feedback. Accordingly, any drafts submitted within 72 hours of submission deadline may not receive early feedback and opportunity for revision. Part II: Questionnaire Design and Data Gathering You will receive feedback on your dummy tables by October 12. When approved, move to the next stage -- questionnaire design. Design questions aimed at addressing the information needs and dummy tables from the previous part. Follow...
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