BMKT 312 F13 Project Instructions

Part iii data analysis prepare an analysis plan for

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Unformatted text preview: Part III: Data Analysis Prepare an analysis plan for each question on your questionnaire as well as the analyses that will lead you to each dummy table/chart prepared in Part I. The analysis plan is for your use and there is no need to submit it. Analyze your data accordingly. You will be evaluated on whether the appropriate analyses have been selected and whether all the analyses are conducted correctly. You are encouraged to bring your data to class on the days we cover data analysis and analyze your data in class. Your final report must contain at least the following analyses of your data. Descriptive Statistics Descriptive statistics of classification variables. At the minimum: Men versus women One major versus others Age Class Overall means of key questions Cross Tabulations Interaction of some of the descriptive statistics above. At the minimum: Class tabulated against sex Sex tabulated against major Hypothesis Testing Explain differences in means of important variables across groups. At the minimum: Differences between women and men Differences across age groups Differences across class Differences across current stores patronized If you want to meet with me and go over your analysis, feel free to set-up an appointment for optional meetings during the week of Nov 18. Sign-up sheet will be available on Blackboard. Please coordinate with others as a minimum of two members are required to attend these meetings. Upload your SPSS output files to Blackboard (Assignments) by Dec 09. Part IV: Reporting Presentation of Findings: You will present your research findings in a 15-minute web presentation on either Dec 02 or Dec 04. You will receive an invitation in advance and you will have time to familiarize yourself with the...
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