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BMKT 312 F13 Project Instructions

Peer evaluation each student is required to complete

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Unformatted text preview: unity for revision. Peer Evaluation: Each student is required to complete and submit a peer evaluation form (available online) by Dec 09. Final scores will be adjusted, where necessary, to reflect participation. Summary Step 1: !Generate dummy tables by Oct 11 You will work on these in class on Oct 09 Step 2: Design questionnaire by Oct 18 You will work on this in class on Oct 16 Step 3: Gather data, using your unique fieldwork ID by Oct 29 Step 4: Analyze your data by Nov 21 (recommended date) Step 5: Web presentation on Dec 02 or Dec 04 Step 6: Written report by Dec 09 BMKT 312 Fall 2013! 4/5 ! An example of information needs: Client wants to: Find a restaurant to eat out tonight To be able to do that, she needs to know (information not already available with client): 1.A list of restaurants nearby 2.Any feedback or reviews 3.Menus and prices In order to help the client know the items above, we must measure: a.Distance of restaurants from client location b.Number of reviews and proportion of positive, neutral, negative reviews c.Menus sorted by cuisine, ingredients, and course d.Prices organized by cuisine, course, and restaurant rating An example of dummy tables: For the restaurant example above, the following may be some of the dummy tables/charts Table X: Restaurant Reputation Rest. Name Total Reviews % Positive % Negative Figure Y: Top Three Dishes at Most Popular Restaurants Restaurant A Restaurant B C 8% C 14% B 39% BMKT 312 Fall 2013! A 47% B 50% A 42% 5/5...
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