BMKT 312 F13 Project Instructions

Research report you will prepare a no more than less

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Unformatted text preview: interface. Research Report: You will prepare a (no more than, less is okay) 20-page research report following the guidelines in the textbook. Due Dec 09. Reports turned in for grade by Dec 04 will receive five bonus points. Please note that bonus points will only be added to scores less than the full score. In other words, if you receive full score on the project, bonus points will not be added to your score. BMKT 312 Fall 2013! 3/5 ! Your final report must contain the following sections: Management summary (one page) -- Speak to the managerial problem that started this research project. No need to discuss research design. Just speak to the managerial problem. Fill in the missing piece that will allow the manager to move to action. Introduction: What you understand as the client's managerial decision (awaiting action) and (therefore) what this project is about. (About half to one page) Research design: Refer textbook for terminology to use here. (one page) Findings: Each issue examined by you in your research and the analyses listed in Part III (about 10 pages). This includes everything -- tables/charts/graphs/text. Discussion: A commentary on what the findings mean to the managerial decision. Do not make recommendations. (2-3 pages) Attachments: Your questionnaire and select output tables. Do not enclose all your output tables. Only enclose any output tables you absolutely need to explain something in the findings section. You are encouraged to take advantage of early feedback option where you may submit your drafts for feedback and revision before you submit your report for grade. Please budget 72 hours for such feedback. Accordingly, any drafts submitted within 72 hours of submission deadline may not receive early feedback and opport...
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