06 Questionnaire Design Slides

Leads the respondent toward an answer do you like this

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Unformatted text preview: cross respondents: !  How often do you go to the movies? !  A lot !  Sometimes !  Very little !  Not at all Bad Question !  Leads the respondent toward an answer? !  Do you like this ad? !  Yes a lot !  Somewhat !  Not a lot !  No 4! Questionnaire Design Slides! 10/7/13! Bad Question !  Refers to large agglomerations. !  How many cans of soda did you drink last month? !  Less than 24 !  24-48 !  More than 48 Bad Question !  Does not use reverse coding, where appropriate. !  Rate the following..... !  I wish I had more money !  I am jealous of people who have more money than I do !  I tend to be a big spender !  I dream about all the things I could buy one day !  I would be happier if I had more money Bad Question !  Responses are biased by the question. !  Do you think it is okay to smoke while praying? • Yes ☐ 1 • No ☐ 2 !  Do you think it is okay to pray while smoking? • Yes ☐ 1 • No ☐ 2 5! Questionnaire Design Slides! 10/7/13! Order !  General to specific !  Easy to complex ! ...
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