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Number all questionsinformation assign numbers to all

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Unformatted text preview: Classification at the end Layout !  Use caution in adopting multiple columns !  Make eyeballing easy !  Do not write into margins !  Capitalize instructions !  Instrument must be coding-ready Coding !  Assigning numbers to all options !  Unique numbering !  Number all questions/information !  Assign numbers to all alternatives 6! Questionnaire Design Slides! 10/7/13! Structure !  Branching !  Too much branching may imply you need multiple questionnaires Structure !  Piping !  Too much piping may imply you need unstructured design Pretest !  Not an option but a required step in questionnaire design. !  Must be conducted under similar circumstances as final survey as well as a personal interview !  Extensive recording of feedback is critical !  All parts of the dummy table must have data (by the end of a pretest) 7! Questionnaire Design Slides! 10/7/13! Recording Pretests !  Key Issues !  Did the respondent understand the question the way it was intended? !  Did the question elicit a response? !  Was the response tied to the question? !  Is there fatigue or boredom? Identifying Error !  Ask yourself, what are all the reasons why I should not believe this? Recap !  Choice of data precedes instrument decision !  Do not violate rules of design -- consider alternate designs before violation !  Follow rules !  Always pretest 8!...
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