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13 esris market segmentation service tapestry

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Unformatted text preview: ng for the same position. 13. Esri’s market segmentation service, Tapestry Segmentation, would be classified which type of packaged information? Why? Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation is an example of a packaged service because it is a marketing research process that uses a ready-made, prepackaged process to profile residential neighborhoods. BMKT 312 C5 Study Guide 3 14. What are some areas in which packaged information may be applied? The following list matches applications with the examples covered in the chapter. Application Area Packaged Information Measuring consumer attitudes and opinions The Maritz Poll Yankelovich Monitor Ipsos [email protected] Harris Poll Gallup Poll Defining market segments Information on members of the industrial market Dun’s Market Identifiers SIC; NAICS Dun & Bradstreet’s D-U-N-S Information on members of the consumer market VALS, GeoVALS U.S. VALS, Japan-VALS, U.K. VALS, Geodemographics, PRIZM, ESRI’s Tapestry Segmentation Market tracking at the retail level Nielsen’s Scantrack, IRI Infoscan, Retail store audits Market tracking at the household level IRI’s Scankey, Nielsen HomeScan Panel, Household diaries, NPD’s Complete Kitchen Audit Turning market tracking information into intelligence IRI’s Builder Suite, Nielsen’s Category Business Planner Monitoring media usage and promotion effectiveness Soundscan, Videoscan Bookscan, Nielsen Television Index (NTI), People meter, Arbitron Inc., Portable People Meter (PPM), MRI’s Starch Readership Service Adnorms BMKT 312 C5 Study Guide 4...
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