BMKT 312 F13 C5 Review

What are the advantages and disadvantages of

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Unformatted text preview: eported 9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of syndicated data? Review question. This question requires students to examine this section of the chapter. Advantages of syndicated data are shared costs, high quality of the data, and speed with which data are collected and made available for decision making. BMKT 312 C5 Study Guide 2 Disadvantages of syndicated data are that there is little control over what data are collected, buyers must commit to long-term contracts, and competitors have access to the same information. 10. How would you go about evaluating secondary data? Why is evaluation important? In order to properly use secondary data, you must evaluate that information before you use it as a basis for decision making. A user must be most cautious when using an Internet source because few quality standards are applied to most Internet sites. To determine the reliability of secondary information, marketing researchers must answer the following five questions: • What was the purpose of...
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