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BMKT 312 F13 C5 Review

Who collected the information what information was

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Unformatted text preview: the study? • Who collected the information? • What information was collected? • How was the information obtained? • How consistent is the information with other information? 11. What are the advantages of ACS? The main advantage of the ACS is that it will provide data annually instead of once every ten years. Since these data will have the U.S. Census Bureau’s stamp for reliable data and will be current, the ACS is likely to become a major secondary data resource for marketing researchers. In addition to providing new data each year, the ACS will offer a measure of accuracy of the yearly estimates. To do this, the ACS relies on a sampling plan that involves surveying about 3 million Americans every year. 12. How can information such as that contained in IBISWorld Industry Reports beneficial to you for a job interview? IBISWorld provides information on key statistics, industry conditions, market characteristics and drivers, and historical and forecast analysis. This information will be beneficial in keeping one up to date and not behind others who might be interviewi...
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