BMKT 312 F13 C6 Review

When objects or data instead of humans need to be

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Unformatted text preview: When objects or data, instead of humans, need to be observed, researchers use audit. 4. What are the formats of online focus groups? The online focus group, a form of nontraditional focus group, is one in which the respondents and/or the clients communicate and/or observe by use of the Internet. Typically, online focus groups allow the participants the convenience of being seated at their own computers, while the moderator operates out of his or her online focus group company. A variation of the online focus group is one that is conducted in a traditional setting, but the client watches online. BMKT 312 C6 Study Guide 1 5. How are focus group participants recruited, and what is a common problem associated with this recruitment? Review question. Students will need to recall the recruitment specifics of focus groups. Focus group participants are normally recruited by telephone and provided a monetary incentive for participating. “No shows” are a common problem, so some focus group companies over-recruit the required number of focus participants. 6. Should the members of a focus group be similar or dissimilar? Why? Review question. Students who did not attend to this item in the chapter will think in terms of a survey where dissimilar respondents are commonplace. It is generally believed that the best focus groups are ones in which the participants share homogeneous characteristics. The need for similar demographic or other relevant characteristics in the focus group members is accentuated by the fact that the focus group participants are typically strangers. Participants typically feel more comfortable once they realize they have similarities such as similar ages...
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