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BMKT 312 F13 C6 Review

Respond before the offensive person can tell the

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Unformatted text preview: e to respond before the offensive person can Tell the person to let others have a say Offer a cough drop, life saver, or chewing gum to the person Make sure the person has a glass of water handy Excuse the person to go outside until the coughing spell subsides Separate the two by placing them at opposite ends of the table Give them a “dirty” look Ask them to postpone their chatting until the break Remind them that the session is being taperecorded and side conversation will garble it Attempt to bring the person into the conversation by: Making eye contact Smiling and nodding at the person Asking him or her direct questions 9. What is laddering? Laddering is a technique used in in-depth interviews in an attempt to discover how product attributes are associated with desired consumer values. Essentially, values that are important to consumers are determined such as “good health.” Next, researchers determine which routes consumers take to achieve their values, i.e. exercise, eating certain foods, stress reduction, and so on. Finally, researchers attempt to determine which specific product attributes are used as a means of achieving the end that is the desired value. 10. What is protocol analysis? Protocol analysis involves placing people in a decision-making situation and to verbalize everything they consider when making a decision. It is a special-purpose qualitative research technique that has been developed to peek into the consumer’s decision-making processes. Often a tape recorder is used to maintain a permanent record person’s thinking. After several people have provided protocols, the researcher BMKT 312 C6 Study Guide 3 reviews and looks for commonalities, such as evaluative criteria used, number of brands considered, types and sources of informat...
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