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thus ssys ssurr 0 is equivalent to ssys hsys

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Unformatted text preview: to calculate the pH of a solution containing a polyprotic acid: We only have to take into account the largest Ka value. Diprotic acid: contains within its molecular structure two hydrogen atoms per molecule capable of dissociating Percent Ionization: Determine the amount of dissociated (ionized) acid or base in the solution. Then Divide the amount of dissociated acid or base (in moles/L) by the initial concentration of the acid or base. Lastly multiply by 100% Chapter 7.6 Weak Bases and Their Equilibrium Constants A weak acid will react with water according to Categories of weak basis; 1. Ammonia and related compounds 2. Anions In both of these examples, • H2O acts as Brønsted- Lowry acid (H+ donor) • The weak base acts as Brønsted- Lowry base (H+ acceptor) Kb is called the base equilibrium constant A large Kb (small pKb) means that the...
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