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5 contd instead of ka we often use pka values strong

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Unformatted text preview: oduction to Chemical Equilibrium - So far we’ve assumed that chemical reactions can only move in one direction. - We represent the fact that reactions can proceeds in both directions by using the symbol: - This represents the fact that A is in equilibrium with B - Because the reactions can proceed in both directions equilibrium will be established, where the concentrations [A] and [B] are in a fixed ratio - - - - this ratio is known as the equilibrium constant; - The value of K depends on the chemical nature of reactants and products, and on the temperature - [A] and [B] remain constant once they have reached their equilibrium values However are still taking place - The number of molecules going “from left to right” in a given amount of time is equal to the number of molecules going “from right to left” The equilibrium is dynamic: rate(- >) = rate(<- ) Chapter 6.2 the N...
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