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6 contd relation between ka and kb there is a very

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Unformatted text preview: 2O4 – NO2 System N2O4 is a colorless gas that is stable at low temperature. When it is heated (e.g. to 100° C), it forms NO2. Once NO2 is formed the reverse reaction can now occur, equilibrium is formed; The equilibrium constant K is; ***We will assume that K values are for partial pressures expressed in atmospheres Chapter 6.3 the Equilibrium Constant Expression Consider the following reaction; If all the reactants and products are gases, the equilibrium constant becomes; - Where Pa,…..,Pd are partial pressures of the corresponding gases in atm. - If all the reactants and products are in solution the equilibrium constant becomes; - These are the corresponding concentrations in mol/L *****Remember PRODUCTS/REACTANTS Reciprocal Rule: We can write a chemical reaction backwards (reverse reaction); becomes The equilibrium constant will move, becoming; Coefficient Rule: The Reaction has K = - But we could also have multiplied this equation by ½ thus writing it as; We see that - In general, if an equation is multiplied by a factor of n, the new...
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