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6 molecules only the noble gases consist of

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Unformatted text preview: 97 amu × 0.7553 + 36.97 amu × 0.2447 = 35.46 amu Chapter 1.5 Periodic Table (basic info) - Horizontal rows in the periodic table are called periods - The vertical columns are called groups - Elements in group 1 are called Alkali Metals - Elements in group 2 are called Alkaline Earth Metals - Elements in group 3- 12 are called Transition Metals - Elements in group 17 are called Halogens - Elements in group 18 are called Noble Gases (unreactive) Metals and Non- Metals: the diagonal line at B and ending at Po separates metals (left) and non- metals Metalloids: elements along the diagonal line (above), hard to classify Chapter 1.6 Molecules Only the noble gases consist of individual, nonreactive molecules. Molecules: are neutral particles, consisting of two or more atoms. The atoms are held together by strong forces called covalent bonds...
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