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8 names of compounds a compound can be identified by

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Unformatted text preview: Molecular substances are often represented as molecular formulas Structural formulas are more informative, because they show the bonding pattern within the molecule. Simplest (= “empirical”) formula gives the simplest whole- number ratio of the atoms in a compound Molecular formula means regular or not simplified Chapter 1.7 Ions Ion: whenever an atom gains or loses electrons. - Metals tend to LOSE electrons - Non- Metals tend to GAIN electrons Positively charged ions are called cations Negatively charged ions are called anions Monoatomic ion: is an ion consisting of one or more atoms of a single element Polyatomic ion: are like a molecule, several atoms joined by covalent bonds, but there is an overall charge Equally charged ions repel each other due to electrostatic interactions Oppositely charged ions...
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