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Remember 1 elements in their standard states can be

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Unformatted text preview: N2 *R*T Moles H2/Moles N2 = Pressure N2 * Volume N2/Pressure H2 * Volume H2 = 10 x 300/40 x 200 Moles H2/Moles N2 =3/8 Mole total = 11 3/11 = 0.27 Mole Fraction of N2 Chapter 4.1 Principles of Heat Flow Different forms of energy; 1. Potential Energy: energy possessed by a body 2. Kinetic Energy: energy of motion 3. Heat In general, energy is measured in units of Joules (J) System: is that part of the universe on which our attention is focused. We consider the reactants and products of a chemical reaction to be our system Surroundings: the materials in close contact with the system. - Surroundings can exchange energy with the system State: of a chemical system is described by giving its composition, temperature, and pressure. - - State...
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