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Rate law rate ka first order a b products

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Unformatted text preview: e balanced equation If a plot of concentration vs. time is available, the rate can be determined from the slope of the plot. is; Chapter 5.2 Reaction Rate and Concentration - Rate increases with increasing reactant concentration - Species have to “meet” (collide) before they can react with each other. - The probability to collide with other molecules is high, if these other species have a high concentration. Rate Expression k: is called rate constant or specific rate constant (proportionality constant) m: is called the order of the reaction NOTE; • rate increases with increasing k • rate depends on concentration but the rate constant does not Determining the reaction order m is based on the initial rates of the reaction, because sometimes the product can have an influence in the reaction rate. - Let’s measure the initial rate for two different concentrations [A] Take log to determine m Order of Reaction with more than one Reactant The general form of the rate expression is; The overall order of the reaction is given by (m + n) *********To determine the re...
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