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Self assembly processes of this kind appear to

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Unformatted text preview: ants - Strong acids are ~100% ionized - Weak acids are not 100% ionized, for many of them fewer than 1% are converted to ions. Categories of weak acids; 1. Molecules containing an ionizable hydrogen atom • • 2. Some cations can also act as acid Ammonium ion, NH4+ Equilibrium Constant for a Weak Acid A weak acid will react with water according to The equilibrium constant will be; Ka is called the acid equilibrium constant; The “strength” of an acid increases with increasing Ka Chapter 7.5 Cont’d Instead of Ka we often use pKa values; Strong “weak” acid means: large Ka, small pKa Polyprotic weak acids: Many weak acids are polyprotic, i.e. they contain more than one ionizable hydrogen atom. - For all polyprotic acids, Ka becomes much smaller in each step. This makes it easy...
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