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Simply speaking the n2o2 mixture will not react in

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Unformatted text preview: tivation energy can overcome the activation energy barrier can react. To overcome they also must collide with sufficient speed - Chemical reactions occur faster at higher temperature, because more reactant molecules have enough to overcome the activation energy barrier Ea. Arrhenius equation: the dependence of the reaction rate on the temperature - When ln k is plotted vs. 1/T, a straight line is obtained. Also the slope is –Ea/R Activation Energy (Ea), two point relation; Because the rate is proportional to the rate constant k, we can also say that; Chapter 5.5 Catalysis A Catalyst: is a substance that increases the rate of reaction without being consumed. It will lower the activation energy. - Do not change the equilibrium constant K of a reaction, and they do not change ΔH - Heterogeneous Catalysis is in a different...
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