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The entropy of vaporization is much greater than the

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Unformatted text preview: called the ionization constant of water; 1. If [H+] > [OH- , the solution is acidic 2. If [H+] = [OH- , the solution is neutral 3. If [H+] < [OH- , the solution is basic Chapter 7.2 pH and pOH The acidity (or basicity) of a solution is described by its pH value (power of the Hydrogen ion) in mol/L!!! OR Realtionship between pH and pOH Chapter 7.3 pH of Strong Acid and Base Solutions - Strong acids and bases are completely dissociated in water - When you try to calculate KNOW, if for a strong acid (like HCL), the pH would equal zero and the pOH would equal 14 and vice versa Strong Acids; Strong Bases; 1. HI LiOH 2. HBr NaOH 3. HClO4 KOH 4. HClO3 Ca(OH)2 5. H2SO4 Ba(OH)2 6. HNO3 Sr(OH)2 7. HCl RbOH Chapter 7.4 Acid/Base...
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