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The equilibrium constant of this process is called

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Unformatted text preview: s method does only provide the difference in activation energies, not the absolute value(s) of Ea. Chapter 5.6 Reaction Mechanisms Reaction Mechanism: gives a description of a sequence of steps, by which a reaction occurs at a molecular level Rate Law: depends on the mechanism by which the reaction takes place Chapter 5.6 Cont’d Elementary Reaction: are the individual steps that constitute a reaction mechanism. These elementary steps cannot be farther broken down The overall reaction A- > B may proceed through the following mechanism, with two elementary steps: - In this scenario, I is an intermediate. It does not appear in the overall equation. - Sometimes a reaction may involve more than one intermediate; Often, one step in a reaction mechanism is much slower than the other steps. This step is called the rate- determining reaction. This effect is of...
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