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The negative sign expresses the fact that a system

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Unformatted text preview: properties: depend only on the state of the system. For a state property X we can say that - - For a state property X, ΔX is independent of the path used to get from Xinitial to Xfinal Chapter 4.2 Enthalpy, Direction and Sign of Heat Flow - q is the amount of heat that “flows” into the system, or out of the system - For processes taking place at constant pressure, q is equal to the quantity ΔH, called enthalpy difference - ΔH only depends on the final state (products) and the initial state (reactants) of a reaction. Exothermic: releasing energy as heat flows out of the system (produces heat) PRODUCT SIDE Endothermic: absorbing as energy flows into the system REACTANT SIDE Units of q and ΔH: - The SI units for energy are Joules (J) - One calorie is equal to 4.18J Heat Capacity (Cp): the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of an object by one degree celsius Chapter 4.2 Cont’d Specific heat (c): defined as the...
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