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They are referred to as partial pressures the total

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Unformatted text preview: is equal to the charge of the ion Oxidization: is an increase in O.N. Reduction: is a decrease in O.N. Chapter 2.4.2 Balancing Half Reactions 1. Balance the atoms of the element being oxidized or reduce 2. Balance the oxidation number of that element by adding electrons 3. Balance charge by adding H+ (in acidic solution), or OH- (in basic solution) 4. Balance hydrogen by adding H2O molecules 5. Check to make sure that oxygen is balanced Chapter 2.4.3 Balancing Redox Reactions 1. Split the equation in two half- equation 2. Balance both half- equations 3. Multiply both half- reactions by appropriate integer numbers, so they have the same number of “free” electrons. 4. Add the two half equations together Always check the atom and charge balance of the overall equation. Electrons must never occur in the overall ba...
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