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We consider the reactants and products of a chemical

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Unformatted text preview: lanced equation. Chapter 2.4.4 Disproportionation Reactions Definition: special type of redox reaction. A substance in an intermediate oxidation state goes to both higher and lower states. Chapter 3.1 Measurements on Gases Volume: Symbol: V Units: L 1L = 1x10^- 3 m^3 Temperature: Symbol: T Units: K (kelvin) to convert Celsius to Kelvin add 273 Pressure: Symbol: P Units: force per area 1Pa (Pascal) = 1N/m^2 101.3Kpa = 1atm = 760 mm Hg **Always covert to the basic units above Chapter 3.2 the Ideal Gas Law Where pressure, temperature, volume and number of moles are related by the IDEAL GAS LAW **V has to be in liters and P has to be in Kpa - Volume is: proportional to the number of moles, and temperature BUT inversely proportional to the pre...
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