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E the highest entropy entropy s is defined as

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Unformatted text preview: e increase) will shift the reaction in the direction that increases the total number of gas molecules. IMPORTANT NOTES 1. Temperature changes do change the value of K 2. Addition or removal of reactants or products does not change the value of K 3. Compression or expansion does not change the value of K 4. For gas phase equilibria that also involve solids or liquids: • addition of solids or liquids does not change the value of K • addition of solids or liquids does not shift the equilibrium Chapter 7.1 the Ion Product of Water In water, not all the molecules are present as “H2O”. A few water molecules dissociate according to; Therefore, "pure" water represents a mixture of H2O molecules, H+ ions and OH- ions. The equilibrium constant of this process is...
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