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Unformatted text preview: CommunicaEon takes m.k.n (br+bc) / br.bc •  Some extremes: –  br=m and bc=n (1 threadblock) comms = m.k + n.k (like sequenEal matmult) –  br=1 and bc=1 (fine grain) comms = 2.m.k.n (1 order of magnitude higher) OpEmizing CommunicaEon •  CommunicaEon takes m.k.n (br+bc) / br.bc •  What is the opEmum Cij Ele shape? minimize (br+bc) / br.bc br=s+h bc=s- h br+bc= 2.s br.bc = s2- h2 minimal when h = 0 à༎ square Ele ! shared / shared matmult B*j B Ai* A Cij C •  A and B in global memory •  blocks of A and B copied into shared memory •  2D grid of 2D thread blocks, each 16x16 thread block computes a 16x16 C block (tr=br , tc=bc) •  C elements: registers sha...
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