If b is accessed for i 1 to n for j 1 to

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Unformatted text preview: cks are mapped to the same set or block frame; also called collision misses or interference misses. Improving cache performance: hardware "   Increased cache capacity "   higher associativity "   hardware prefetching of instructions and data "   equidistant locality "   second- level / third level cache (L2, L3) "   L3 often shared by multiple cores "   out of order instruction execution "   branch prediction All this makes modern CPUs highly complex. Improving cache performance: software "   Merging Arrays: Improve spatial locality by single array of structs vs. parallel arrays (Fortran). "   Loop Interchange: Change nesting of loops to access data in the order stored in memory. "   Loop Fusion: Combine 2 or more independent loops that have the same looping and some variables overlap. "   Blocking or “tiling” : Improve temporal locality by accessing “blocks” of data repeatedly vs. going down whole columns or rows. (prime sieve) Matrix Multiply Data or loop reordering for improve cache...
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