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Unformatted text preview: 30 year rota4on; would slow down the 4% rate of deforesta4on in the zone. Does it work? Success?: Yes and No •  Villages get 4tle to their lands and nego4ate beEer deals with the loggers. •  Whenever the ecologists visit, the villagers pretend that they are pursuing the sustainable forestry plan, but satellite photos reveal over 4me a much higher rate of cuYng than mandated by the plan, so the rate of deforesta4on does not decline, but the villagers do get richer. Bom Jesus (a small town in NE Brazil) exhibited the clien4list poli4cal order (aplace where the ver4cal dimension of social life is dominated by patron‐client 4es) that characterizes weak states. One observer has wriEen about these circumstances that “Patronage lives off of misery while capitalism lives off of consumers”. What does s/he mean? Capitalism can disrupt patron...
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