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Unformatted text preview: client rela?onships by giving clients (consumers) alterna?ve choices of employment or services. Organiza4onal Density: a Deterrent to Corrup4on? Example of Clien?lism: Logging concessions in Indonesia, 1990s •  Rapid increase in deforesta?on in the outer islands. •  Most forest land held under concessions, obtained oFen through poli?cal influence. •  Most logging done through subcontrac?ng. •  High incidence of illegal logging. Logging done by people without authoriza?on to log a concession. What would happen to this system in the immediate aFermath of Suharto’s overthrow in the late 1990s would you guess? It would shut down briefly because the ‘gang’ would have lost its’ friends in high places. As soon as there are new friends, the illegal logging begins again. Why was it so difficult to induce forest conserva?on in the clien?list states of SE Asia? Pa...
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