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Unformatted text preview: aha, makers of outboard motors, began selling the outboards to consor4a of villagers for no money down in 1995. Villagers quickly became indebted to Yamaha. Primary forest hardwoods (chanul): extremely valuable; no one knows how to make them reproduce except by coppicing. Sale price, standing in the forest : $3‐5 per cubic meter. Sale price as sawn lumber at a saw mill in a large Ecuadorian city, $65 per cubic meter. The logs are lashed together to make a raF Then they are floated downstream to the head of the road Cooking lunch on the raF; Huck Finn lives! The take out point A`er paying a small tax to the government foresters (which goes into the government’s general fund), workers load the logs on to trucks for the trip to the sawmill. The Subir Project •  Get the Afro‐Ecuadorian villages 4tle to their land. •  Having regional mee4ngs where villagers can talk about the prices that they are geYng from the loggers and talk about forming a common front. •  Implemen4ng a plan for sustainable forestry: a...
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