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Vicmspeopleinthezoneof exploitaonsomejobsbutlotsof

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Unformatted text preview: ho does not benefit from all of the oil exploita?on and pollu?on in Ecuador? • Beneficiaries: government officials, corporate elites, drivers, people in the capital. • Vic?ms: people in the zone of exploita?on; some jobs, but lots of life threatening pollu?on. Esmeraldas, Ecuador SeBlement paBern is riverine; there are no roads Protestant medical missionaries have been ac4ve here, lowering infant mortality; there is however cholera, dengue fever, and malaria. Children in a dugout canoe They learn to swim in the rivers. The popula4on is Afro‐ Ecuadorian, descendants of slaves, as in the United States. Very poor, per capita incomes of $1500 per year. Polling a dugout canoe Un4l recently this was the chief means of geYng around in this zone. A water taxi: Always room for one more! The new improved (much faster!) means of communica4on. Yam...
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