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Unformatted text preview: groups of 3, 1 group of 4) 6 10/8/2013 7 Deliverable Date (F) Topic Deliverable 9/6/2013 Lecture 9/13/2013 Lecture 9/20/2013 Lecture Due: Task 2 Material Site Analysis (EOC) 9/27/2013 Lecture Due: Task 3 Concept Plan (SOC) 10/4/2013 Lecture Review/Crit 10/11/2013 Lecture 10/15/2013 Review/Crit 10/18/2013 Review/Crit 8 10/22/2013 Faculty Review Final Plan Presentation (faculty) 10/25/2013 Lecture 9 10/29/2013 Red line Review Due: Task 5 Final Plan (EOD), Cover Sheet 11/1/2013 Lecture 10 11/5/2013 Red line Review, Field Book Existing Conditions 11/8/2013 Lecture 11 11/12/2013 Red line Review Layout/materials Plan 11/15/2013 Studio review CD progress set 12 11/19/2013 Red line Review Grading Plan, Field Book 11/22/2013 Redline Review CD progress set 13 11/26/2013 Red line Review, Field Book Planting Plan 11/29/2013 Thanksgiving Holiday 14 12/3/2013 Red line Review Schedules 12/6/2013 Redline Review 15 12/10/2013 Final Redline review Due: Task 6 Construction Drawings (12/11/2013 12:00 PM) 12/13/2013 Reading Day 16 12/17/2013 Final EX Period 12/20/2013 Final EX Period Due: Task 1 Personal Mapping (SOC) Due: Task 4 Schematic Plan (SOC) CD progress set Rutgers -The State University of New Jersey, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Department of Landscape Architecture Richard Alomar, RLA, CLARB Blake Hall 226 richard.alomar@rutgers.edu (848) 932-5266 (office) (917) 224-8373 (mobile) Office Hours: By appointment Construction III – Fall 2013 Passion Puddle: Redesign for a sustainable campus. Task 1- Personal Mapping i. Field review and experience documentation (30 minutes) Take 30 minutes to walk around the site, then through the site. W alk, watch, listen and place close attention to where you go. Think about the sensations and experience of walking through and around the site. Try to avoid distractions. Record the day and time of day. ii. Paths and spaces (30 minutes) After completing your initial walk through move around the site to places that interest you. Chart the path you take on the site plan. Locate the spaces you find interesting or call your attention. Write about the spaces you find compelling. Record the day and time of day. iii. Views and sightlines (30 minutes) Stand at the entrance to all the buildings that surround the site. What do you see? Take a photo. Record the day and time of day. iv. Consulting the other (10 minutes) Ask a stranger (that’s not an LA student) how do you get to Passion Puddle? Record their gender, major, year and where you asked the question. v. Collect your thoughts (60 minutes) At this point you have personal recollections, experiences and intuitive notions about the site. What are they? Make 5 quick sketches (10 minutes each) that express your impressions of the site. Annotate your sketches with notes and thoughts about the site. vi. Submit your Personal Map Prepare and submit your personal map as show in the template. Reference Reading: Coverley, Merlin. 2010. Psychogeography. Great Britain, Pocket Essentials. Lynch...
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