The projects and in class performance reveal a solid

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Unformatted text preview: , and constructive manner. The projects and in-class performance reveal a solid understanding of the issues and related theories or literature. C – Acceptable –The student has shown a moderate ability to grasp concepts and theories for the class, producing work that , while basically adequate, is not in any way exceptional. This performance in class display a basic familiarity with the relevant literature and techniques. D – Unacceptable – The work demonstrates a minimal understanding of the fundamental nature of the material or the assignment with a performance that does not adequately examine the course material critically or constructively. Students cannot graduate from the Landscape Architecture program with 2 D’s in required 550 classes. F – Failure – The student has demonstrated a lack of understanding or familiarity with course concepts and materials. Their performance has been inadequate. Failure is often the result of limited effort and poor attendance which may indicate that the student is not in the proper field of study. It will be the responsibility of each student to track their own academic progress throughout the semester. Interim grades will be available to students on an individual basis. Students should make an appointment with the instructor to review interim grades. Appointments must be made at least one week in advance of any meeting. Attendance Attendance at scheduled Studio and Lecture sessions is mandatory. If a circumstance arises which prohibits your attendance at any class session, please notify the instructor 24-hours prior to the class and an alternate arrangement will be made. Keep in mind that your participation in class discussions and submission of in-class exercises will contribute to your overall course grade. There will be no opportunity to make up a missed quiz, in-class exercise or guest lecture. Beyond the above recommendations, this course utilizes the Department’s policy on attendance which reads: Attendance and participation in all lectures and studios are essential if the student is to achieve his/her maximum potential. More than three unexcused absences will result in a step reduction in your semester grade. Each additional three absences will result in another step reduction. A minimum level of participation is defined as being in attendance for the entire duration of a class session. It is the student’s responsibility to be in attendance at all required classes and all personal plans should be made in accordance with the schedule. Please note that attendance will be taken at the start of each class and late arrivals will be marked as an absence. Student Work Submitted drawings, models, photographs, or written papers for any project assigned in Landscape Architecture courses are considered the property of the Department and may be retained in its archives for exhibition and accreditation purposes. Should your drawings be retained by the Department, you will be given the opportunity to...
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