These tasks together total 80 of your final course

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Unformatted text preview: ks together total 80% of your final course grade. Each task part will be weighted based on its complexity and dedicated course time. Phases will be weighted based on the submittals: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Task 1: Personal Mapping 5% Task 2: Site/Performance Analysis 10% Task 3: Concept/Program Plan and Charette 10% Task 4: Schematic Design 15% Task 5: Final Design 30% Task 6: Construction Documents 30% As a record of your progress and to develop your project management skills you will be required to keep a field book. The field book is a bound notebook that contains to do lists, work completed and project notes. The field book will be reviewed weekly during studio and will account for 10% of your overall course grade. This reiterates the importance of managing and planning your work. For a full description of the semester’s project please refer to the Project Scope of Work and Schedule. Office Studio Rules: 1. Time Management: a. Plan your work and schedule. b. Take advantage of your time in studio. c. Keep track of what’s been done and what needs to be done. If you plan you’ll never be late or miss a deadline. d. No texting, phone calls or non-studio related searches in class or studio. 2. Professionalism: a. Work like a professional. b. Resolve design issues and team discrepancies and move forward for the good of the project. Reading (Required to Purchase) 1. Hopper, Leonard J. 2006. Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards. New York: Wiley. 2. Strom, Steven. 2009. Site engineering for landscape architects. 5th Edition ed. Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons. 3. Additional readings will be provided by the course instructor. Grading Course work is designed to simulate the professional office environment. The project will progress based on a schedule with milestone submittals. Submittals will be reviewed by a supervisor or mentor, and returned, with comments, for revision. Revisions will continue through the semester until the work demonstrates a suitable level of proficiency. The milestone submittals and final submittal will contribute to your overall course grade. You will also be responsible to keep track of and plan your work in a Work Log. The individual break down of your cumulative semester grade is as follows: 1. Attendance and Participation 10% (10 pts) 2. Tasks 80% (100 pts) 3. Field Book 10% (10 pts) Final letter grades will be assigned using the following scale: A > 92% B > 83% C > 74% D > 65% F ≤ 65% The Department of Landscape Architecture uses the following guidelines for understanding appropriate grading in its courses: A – Outstanding – This not only means fulfilling the requirements, but impressing and going beyond the initial expectations of the project. The student has demonstrated a superior grasp of the subject matter coupled with a high degree of creative or logical expression, and strong ability to present these ideas in an organized and analytical manner. B – Very Good – The student has demonstrated a solid grasp of the material with an ability to organize and examine the material in an organized, critical...
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