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MGT 330 - Ch. 5 - Planning(1) PPT

Standardsforperformance goals goals

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Unformatted text preview: ve a measurable result within a stated time period Purpose of Goals Purpose Source of motivation and commitment Resource allocation Guide to action Rationale for decisions Standards for performance Goals Goals Means­end chain refers to the accomplishment of low­level goals as the means leading to the accomplishment of high­level goals – Strategic goals – Tactical goals – Operational goals Goals should be SMART Goals, Action Plans, & Operating Plans Goals, An action plan defines the course of action needed to achieve the stated goal The operating plan, usually a one­year period, defines how you will conduct your business based on the action plan The operating plan identifies clear targets Strategy Map for Aligning Goals Aligning Single-Use and Standing Plans Standing The Planning/Control Cycle The Management by Objectives (MBO) Management Jointly set objectives – Improvement objectives – Personal objectives – Maintenance objectives Develop action...
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