MGT 330 - Ch. 1 - The Exceptional Manager(3) PPT

Managers the the ability to motivate inspire and

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Unformatted text preview: others What are the Skills Companies Seek in Managers Today? Managers Clarifies goals and objectives Encourages participation Plans and organizes Has technical expertise Facilitates work through team building Provides ongoing feedback What are the Skills Companies Seek in Managers Today? Managers Controls details without micromanaging Applies reasonable pressure for goal Applies accomplishment accomplishment Recognizes and rewards good Recognizes performance performance Competitive Advantage Through PeopleCompetitive Centered Management Practices Employment security Selective hiring Self-managed teams Decentralized decision making High wages based on organizational High performance performance Training and skill development Reduction of status differences Sharing information Tips for Becoming a People Developer Tips Motivates Motivates people by convincing them to take charge of their own development take Integrate the individual's development plan Integrate with the formal performance improvement process process Utilize training Delegate whenever possible to both Delegate lighten your load and to challenge and develop your people develop Tips for Becoming a People Developer Tips Really Really get to know your people and their career aspirations career Have at least a three year development Have plan for your employees plan Make sure people who take charge of their Make development are rewarded development...
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